Nora Lee Garcia - Principal Flute


What’s your role with OCCO/this music/performance? 

I’m the principal flute player in the orchestra.


What attracted you to music, especially orchestral music?

The opportunity to play with different instruments like the strings, brass and woodwind instruments.


What were your musical influences growing up?

Great musicians from different styles, I love Jean Pierre Rampal and James Galway but also love Miles Davis and John Coltrane!


Any other influences we might want to know about?

I loved John Corigliano and worked with him when I was 11 years old!


How long have you lived locally?

23 years


What do you like about being here?

I like the growth and diverse cultures.


Are there any activities, restaurants, or other local establishments that you’re fond of?

I love Christinis restaurant also Izziban Sushi!


What are you doing when you’re not playing with OCCO?  Any hobbies/interests?

I love to travel, workout and seek out adventure in different places.


Besides orchestral music, what other music do you listen to?



What’s something about you that someone might not know when they first you meet you?

I’m very funny person.

Nora Lee Garcia will be featured on our Locals and Legends concert.  you can buy tickets to the performance here.